Welcome to Nightlands, a futuristic sci-fi roleplay with heavy cyberpunk influences based in the year 2490. Europolis is the last bastion of humanity, the first site of human colonization among far reaches of our Solar System, and WATI Corp is the noose about its neck.
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NIGHTLANDS latest news: announcement v2.01
Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
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Nightlands Universe by OPTIC on Jun 23 2018, 02:35 AM
All essential site information is located here. You can find our required reading in main forum, but supplementary information exists for your benefit as well. Feel free to direct any further inquiries to a member of staff.
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announcement v2.01 by Xyla Constanza on Jul 12 2018, 06:39 PM
Periodic announcements, site events, or any pertinent site related news will be allocated here. Keep an eye out for changes or new intel that might directly affect your character.
Member Station
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i want to know... by Andie O'hara on Today at 01:20 pm
Member resources can be found here for convenience. Site moderation, graphic requests, as well as our post templates are here for y'all, the members, to use at your discretion. This forum is guest friendly.
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ORTEZ, ARSHA by flip on Today at 01:19 pm
After registering, posting an application is your next step. You'll find all the necessary information in Rules or the Application template. Please post in the appropriate subforum, and make sure to bump your thread upon completion.
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Member Directory by OPTIC on Jun 30 2018, 03:07 PM
Following acceptance, we request you fill out all necessary claims before moving on to the plotting process. Also, please keep our directories as up-to-date as possible.
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KHAN, FINNEAS by Llewellyn Forde on 4 minutes ago
Here is where you can expand upon your character's relationships. We really encourage reaching out as opposed to waiting for plots to come to you. Please post replies in the other person's application rather than your own.
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THERE'S NO REST FOR THE... by Amaris Hart on Today at 03:18 am
For those looking to fill gaps in their arsenal of plots, we encourage you to advertise your character or plot requests in this forum. Topics should only be bumped once a week. This forum is guest friendly.
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II. by Donovan Tremens on Yesterday at 11:59 pm
Development forums are here for all of your creative needs, from trackers to aesthetic posts to written prompts. Please post in the sign-up to be allotted your own personal forum.
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Black Roses by Absinthe D'amico on 5 minutes ago
Europolis is a digital world, and as such, communication through text or video are common occurrences. Proceed with caution, however. Comms across cyberspace have a risk of being traced.
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unaccompanied carbon and coal by Marshall Woods on Yesterday at 06:29 am
Eden sits at the heart of this corporate empire. Sterile lines, metglas structures, and propaganda moving across the faces of massive highrises, mankind has never been closer to godhood.
Magatama Prefecture
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[m] the scene after the scene by Matteo Ridley on Yesterday at 07:41 pm
Here is where highrises stand adjacent to sloped red roofs, where you can find glimpses of a pre-Collapse world. The rich can afford what others cannot - nostalgia, the remnants of cultures lost to nuclear ruin.
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technically, missing by Damon Martorana on Yesterday at 10:10 pm
Rusted and dystopian, Proletaria is where the poorest citizens reside. Flashing neon signs, narrow streets, patchwork buildings stacked to the skies - the dregs of Europolis exists in the shadows of Eden, its knees bent to a false corporatocracy.
The Underground
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blinking screens by Ira Bellemont-Han on Yesterday at 10:08 pm
The Underground was built from old waterways that trail beneath the city. Under layers of fiberoptic cables and concrete foundation, it serves as a heaven for the rabble and riffraff of Europolis.
Outer System
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The Weight by Lea Madera on Today at 05:51 am
At high-Gs, the universe seems more and more within humanity's reach. From the fledgling colonies of Mars to Jupiter's remote moons, commercial freighters can haul valuable resources across the Solar System in a week's trek. All that's left is to boldly go.
Time & Space
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cripple crow [2487] by Donovan Tremens on Yesterday at 11:32 am
Real is what you believe to be real. You're welcome to toss any past, future, or alternative universe threads hereabouts.
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Aeipathy - Ancient World RP by JD on Today at 06:45 am
Please submit advertisements in the correct subforum. Guest friendly.
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song, auberonigh 'auber... by OPTIC on Jul 11 2018, 05:53 PM
All inactive site content will be archived rather than deleted. Please post in the moderation thread if anything was moved in error or for completed threads that require archiving.
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